Pullman Civic Trust strives to enhance the quality of life here in Pullman, WA and the Palouse region.  Our projects seek to celebrate our rivers, create trail networks, beautify downtown, and develop a deeper sense of community.


Chipman Trail User Count and Survey

We gathered information on how the Chipman Trail is used including how many people use it and when, what they use it for, and how the trail influences their spending. 

Rails to Trails from Pullman to Colfax

This beautiful rail corridor is being considered for railbanking and PCT is working toward making this vision a reality.  Washington taxpayers paid $2 million to purchase this rail line to save it from abandonment in 2005.  Today, railbanking will preserve this corridor for future rail service and protect this public investment.


The Colfax-Albion-Pullman corridor is especially exciting since it would extend the trail system, creating a 50-mile linear trail stretching from Colfax, WA to Albion, to Pullman and to Moscow, ID then Troy, and into Bear Creek Canyon toward Kendrick.  This trail could be an economic engine for our region by encouraging tourism, supporting recruitment of employees at our two universities and local businesses, and giving folks who already travel to the region for college, sports, or special events a reason to stay another day or two. 


This trail would also contribute to our quality of life.  Trails provide active recreation opportunities, preserve our local history, and create community and shared public space.  This particular trail would connect Pullman and Albion to our county seat as well.


The Three-Forks Wayside

Three-Forks Wayside pays homage to the town's original name of Three Forks, WA and the three forks of the rivers that converge near this spot.  It also invokes the convergence of trails and celebrates the connection of the university to downtown provided by the junction of the College Hill Climb trail with the Grand Avenue Greenway trail and Ritchie Street.


Pullman Civic Trust worked with the City of Pullman to create this resting spot along the trail.  Complete with custom benches and bike racks designed by former PCT board member David Hoyt and a waterfall being designed and constructed by founding board member Don Heil, the Wayside is a beautiful place to relax and access so much of what Pullman has to offer.


The Bill Chipman Palouse Trail

The Chipman Trail is the most visited county park in Whitman County!  It is a popular recreation desitnation for walkers, runners, cyclists, skateboarders, roller bladers, dog walkers, baby walkers - you name it.  It is also heavily used for commuting between Pullman, WA and Moscow, ID and their respective universities. 


Running along Paradise Creek, the Chipman Trail is 7-miles long and connects to the Pullman Trail system on the Washington side and Paradise Path and to the 17-mile Latah trail to Troy on the Idaho side.  It is a great way to experience the beauty of the Palouse from a new perspective.

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