Join us for our Annual Meeting via Zoom

Tuesday May 19th 7-9pm  OR Telephone: +1 646 876 9923
Meeting ID: 509 595 0442

Since we cannot gather for our traditional potluck dinner, we are hosting a virtual Mocktail/Cocktail celebration instead. So, mix up your favorite pandemic celebratory beverage, dress for a party, and join us!  If you don't have a favorite pandemic celebratory beverage yet, check out our recipes for the classic Mask-o Mule or Quarantini. 

The rivers and trails that wind through Pullman provide community connections to the natural landscape

The rivers are running and Spring is unfolding.  Enjoy this transition period outside when you can.

Current Projects:

Envisioning Downtown: Collaboration with the Pullman 2040 efforts, PCT helps transform ideas into sketches

We participated in the community discussions concerning how to invigorate downtown.  Many of the creative ideas that emerged from Pullman Civic Trust's downtown Charette of 2019 were on display and helped the consultants build on ideas generated.

Enhancing Wayfinding for Pullman Trail System
Have you ever found yourself lost on the trails?  Didn't know where the trails go?  We are working with the City to make it easier to find and navigate the trail system. 
Exploring Railbanking and Trail Creation between Colfax, Albion, and Pullman

Pullman Civic Trust continues conversations with our local political leaders advocating for this trail as well as listening to concerns and questions they have.  Railbanking the corridor is the first step to trail creation and the decision to railbank (or not) lies with the State Legislature.  The positive energy and support from area residents is exciting and contagious - let your Senator and Representatives know what this trail could mean for our economy, quality of life, and community health. 



 We are a group of volunteer citizens working to build a better community through civic and environmental projects in Pullman, Washington since 1983.


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WSDOT is seeking public input to decide the fate of the rail corridor between Pullman, Albion, and Colfax.  Keep an eye out for announcements of Community Workshops coming this Fall and Winter. 


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