Public Workshops Discussing the Future of the CAP Rail Corridor

Pullman Civic Trust, along with the National Parks Service and Washington State Department of Transportation hosted a series of four community workshops to discuss the future of the Colfax-Albion-Pullman (CAP) rail corridor. 

Each of the workshops was well attended with many different perspectives represented.

Community members shared concerns about trespassing and privacy for corridor neighbors should it become a trail, while others questioned the legitimacy of preserving the corridor for the future if there is no foreseeable need for a railroad.  Others advocated for retaining the right-of-way for public use as a community benefit, supporting a healthy lifestyle, stimulating local economies, and providing access to nature.  Some questioned whether a trail would be a legitimate use of the corridor and that it will be expensive.  Others noted a trail could expand opportunities for family recreation and recruitment/retention of employees and professionals while connecting individuals with the countryside and educating city folks about farming practices. Concerns about safety along the corridor if it is retained in public ownership were raised.

You can read all about the process and the community discussions by following this link to the Washington State Department of Transportation's website:

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